House Doctors Testimonial

As a company that does home inspections we have seen numerous repairs done by several other companies that claim to be structural specialists, our company exclusively uses Alpine Pest Control to make any and all structural repairs that are needed on homes that we inspect due to the fact that they are very knowledgable and capable of completing the repairs. It has been our experience that Alpine Pest Control performs structural repairs that far exceed industry standard and are more than qualified to make the repairs needed.

Brian Bettencourt

We hired alpine pest control for a spider and ant problem we were having in our home, upon arrival the technician was very knowledgable and explained the process in detail. We no longer have any pest problems, and we are very grateful to Alpine for a job well done.
Justin Blair Insurance Testimonial

I use Alpine Crawlspace Restoration for a sump pump and vapor barrier under my house. They did exactly as promised with the job, it was done right and one time. I no longer have issues with water in the crawl space, and Im very happy with the work performed. I have referred them to many of my customers and will continue to do so based on my experience.

Jerry Snider

Just wanted to take the time to "Thank you again" for your service. I'm completely 100% confident in your credibility in your service. I feel much better about the "under my house". The musty smell is already gone, and I know no one else would take the time to make me the door. You and your employees should feel proud of the way you do business. Saying "thanks" just didn't seem enough...